Wednesday, August 13, 2014

High Waisted Shorts-Sewing Tutorial

I made two pairs of high waisted shorts with a pattern I made based off some of my own shorts that fit well. They only needed 1/2 yard of fabric each (I spent about $4 in total) and were super quick and easy to make. As a guide, I used this video from Q2HAN on YouTube which is really helpful and thorough. The materials I used were 1 1/2" elastic (about 13" for one pair), 1/2 yard of a thick knit material (mine isn't very stretchy), and buttons. My shorts are approximately a size small for reference.

To start, I first made a pattern from some cotton shorts folded in half, leaving about an inch for seam allowance and to adjust the fit. The second time around, I adjusted the pattern slightly based on the adjustments I made to the first pair of shorts. The pattern for the back half should be slightly wider, and the crotch part should be extended about an inch.
Using the pattern, I cut two front pieces and two back pieces. I also made a pattern for pockets and cut 4 rectangles, two with the pocket curve cut out. I the top corner of the two front pieces, I cut the same shape out.
With the a curved rectangle lined up with the cutout on the short front piece, I sewed them together and turned it right side out and top stitched. Then I sewed the back of the pocket on, matching up the rectangles.
With the two front pieces on top of each other, I sewed down the curved part, but not the short vertical part, and did the same with the back pieces. With the front and half opened up, I pinned them right sides together and sewed down the two sides and across the crotch part.
At this point the shorts can be tried on to determine how long you want them and if the sides need to be taken in. I hemmed the bottoms by folding the edge up twice.
For the waistband, cut a long rectangle twice the length of the top of the shorts and about 4 inches high. Sew the short ends together so it matched the circumferences of the shorts. Attach it to the top edge by sewing right sides together. Next, cut a piece of elastic about half the length of your waist (a little longer is okay since it can be adjusted). I attached it by sewing the sides down to the waistband, right above the side seams of the shorts. Try them on to see if it needs to be adjusted.  If it's too big, just cut the elastic in the middle and overlap it. To finish, fold the waistband over the elastic and sew around. I added buttons on one pair to finish them off.

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