Monday, August 10, 2015

My DIY Painted Jewelry Dish

I made this simple jewelry dish out of a wooden tray (dish? plate? other?) I found at Goodwill for only $2. The other materials I used included white acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a gold metallic paint marker, and two bottles of clear nail polish.

The design I ended up going with is inspired by these similar ring dishes found here made by Homey Oh My! (who shares a really great tutorial for making a ring dishes with clay). I kind of wish I read the full post beforehand since I only saw a picture on Pinterest before making my jewely dish, so I would recommend checking it out!

To make it, I first sanded down the surface of the dish since it already had a smooth finish that made it hard to paint on. It seems to be from some Japanese brand, but I can't figure out what it's actually supposed to be used for. I then painted on 4 layers of the white paint, allowing it to dry for a sufficient amount of time between coats to get an even, opaque color.
 After waiting for the paint to dry overnight, I used a metallic gold paint marker to add gold detailing. I found using some painter's tape really helped around the rim since the edges were rounded over. I ended up buying a bottle of gold paint once the paint marker ran out which fortunately matched in color very well and was much easier to paint over larger areas. I think for a smaller dish a paint marker would be great for detail work, but my dish was just too large to make designs easily with one. I used painters tape to mark off the triangle and V shapes (inspired by one of the dishes in this blog post) and use a few coats of the gold paint across the bottom of the dish.
After it was completely dried I used a couple bottles of cheap $1 clear nail polish (Wet n Wild brand) to give a super shiny finish. For the bottom of the dish I ended up pouring the bottles straight into the dish and it leveled itself out really nicely. I let it dry for overnight and now it's home to my previously homeless jewelry.