Monday, January 11, 2016

Exposed Lace Zipper Bags

After finding these cute zippers at a Daiso store for only $1.50, I searched the internet for a good way to use them, and found a great cosmetic bag tutorial on Plush Addict that has free pattern pieces. The tutorial shows two ways to make zip bags with an exposed zipper and I found it easy to follow. I made 3 bags using the triangle shaped bag tutorial and added some extra pieces of fabric to make each bag a little unique. 
I found that fat quarters are a good size to make these bags, in addition to some added fabric scraps.
 For one bag, I cut strips of a different fabric and ironed the seam allowances in to make them easier to sew onto the right side of the fabric.
For the grey and blue bag, I shortened the gray fabric by a bit and cut a small blue piece to match the missing piece of fabric + seam allowance, and then sewed them together to make one outer fabric piece.
I used the same technique for the bag with the purple bottom as well.
 I found the tutorial very easy to follow and these bags took little time to make!