Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sewing DIY-Lacey Crop Top

This crop top is super quick and easy to make. You only need about 1/2 yard of a stretchy knit fabric and a scrap of lace fabric. You'll also want a crop top or a shirt that fits well as a guide.

To make a pattern, fold your crop top in half and trace around the edges adding a half inch seam allowance. If you want to skip this step, just lay the shirt on your fabric and trace around the edges, also leaving a seam allowance. Depending on your fabric, you may want to double up and cut two pieces each for the front and the back. For mine, I only lined the front piece.
For the back, I made a V shaped neckline, and I cut a scoop neck for the front. I used the back piece as a guide when I cut out the front.
To make the lace section in the middle, fold the lace in half and cut a diagonal line to make a sort of trapezoidal shape. Take one of the front pieces folded in half and use the lace cutout to cut out a similar shape down the center, making sure to make it narrower than the lace for your seam allowance. Pin the lace onto each of the shirt front halves and sew the three together, top stitching the edges after.
Place this piece right sides together with the other front piece and sew around all the edges except for the bottom. Turn it right side out and top stitch the neck and armholes.
Since the back isn't lined, I hemmed the armholes and neckline instead. Placing the front and back right sides together, I attached the sides and straps, making adjustments to make it fit. Fold the bottom edge over, hem, and you're done!

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