Saturday, February 20, 2016

Wispy Blue Nails

I created this wispy nail art that has a sort of cloudy/ombre effect and I really like how they came out. I used a makeup sponge which I ripped in half in order to stamp on thin layers of the blue nail polish until I built up layers that created the sort of gradient effect on the tip of each nail. Ripping the sponge in half helps expose an more uneven texture of the sponge that allowed the pattern to come out more random and messy looking (making this an easy design to do with your non-dominant hand).
I used a light nude/pinkish shade (this is actually meant to be a French tip manicure base, so it was very sheer and light) as the base for all of my nails.
For the blue, I chose a very opaque periwinkle blue shade (Hello Kitty in Blueberry, from Sephora which I don't believe is sold there anymore). I painted small amounts on the sponge for every nail, dabbing any excess polish off onto a piece of paper in order to adjust the sheerness of each layer being added on. 
I finished off the nails with a matte topcoat from Wet n' Wild. This matte topcoat dries quickly and looks great, however the matte effect doesn't last more than a couple of days as oils from the skin, food, and other things starts to make the nails look shiny again.
Not shiny at all, contrary to the wildshine name. Also only $1!

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