Thursday, July 24, 2014

MORE FUN: Swimsuit --> Crop Top Refashion

I made this quick crop top from an old bathing suit that I got from my mom. It used to be an attached two piece but I cut the bottom half off since I liked the print on top.

To turn it into a crop top, I started by taking the sides in to make it a little more fitted and then folded the bottom edges under. I used a zig zag stitch to hem it since the material is very stretchy, and then cut off the excess fabric after. (Very out of order, but I thought it was easier and the fabric doesn't fray regardless.)

Since the lettering on the front looked like it used to be coated in silver glitter, I finished off the shirt by adding on some glitter using a sponge and some silver glittery nail polish. The old glitter was in blotchy spots around the letters, so instead of coating it all in glitter, I painted it on in small areas and then blotted them with a makeup sponge to blend out the edges.

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