Monday, May 19, 2014

Strawberry Nail Art

Here are pictures of my nails which were inspired by strawberries! It was really easy to do and didn't take long. It's not that hard to do with your non-dominant hand either since it doesn't need to look perfect.
Spot the watermelon!
 I used an Urban Outfitters brand nail polish in the color Cupcake (light pink with a cream finish) for the base and added a pink glitter for a shimmery finish, and partially because the Urban Outfitters nail polish did not have a very smooth and opaque finish, even after multiple coats. I used a white nail art polish to ad some white dots and then made the leaves by making random strokes at different angles near the tips after everything dried. Lastly I topped everything off with Sally Hansen's Diamond Strength nail polish in Flawless.

LA Colors Art Deco in white, Urban Outfitters brand nail polish in Cupcake, Zoya in Josie, and Pure Ice in Lilac Mist (possibly this one now?).

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