Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Zip Top Pencil Pouch-DIY

Inspired by Kate From See Kate Sew's knotted zipper pencil pouch tutorial, I made a simplified version of her pencil pouch without the knotted ends. My old pencil pouch has had some holes in it for a while, so I've been long in need of a new one, and this one was very simple easy to make!
I used the remained of a fat quarter of fabric and some scraps of black knit cut from the sleeves of a t shirt. Start off with two rectangles of each the lining and outer fabric, about 9x5 inches in dimension (which can be easily varied depending on the size of the pouch you want).
Cut one of each of the rectangles in half lengthwise so you have a total of 6 rectangles.
Coats & Clark All Purpose Zipper-Joann
I used a 9 inch zipper to go down the middle of the pouch. (I used one of Joann's abundant coupons, although zippers are cheap enough without one, <$3)

To sew the top half of the pouch to the zipper, lay it face down on the outside fabric (top left) and sandwich it with the lining fabric, the zipper should be completely concealed between the two. Sew along the edge as close to the zipper as possible (it will end up looking like the top right picture). Repeat on the other side of the zipper and you'll end up with something like the picture above.

I ironed the fabric flat and did some top stitching to finish off sewing the zipper.
Then sew on the back lining piece to the lining attached to the zipper. You only need to sew down the long sides, making sure to leave an opening on one side for turning it out later (marked by the pins on the left hand side). Make sure the zipper is partially unzipped before sewing the outer pieces together.
Next sew the outside pieces right sides together. I first sewed down the long sides, making sure to only sew the two pieces together. For the shorter sides, sew the lining and the outer fabric together.
Lastly, turn the pouch right side out through the gap left in the lining and the zipper, pushing the corners out with a pen or something similar. Sew up the hole and you're done!

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