Saturday, August 24, 2013

Inspiration Board

Image credits go to Forever 21, The Pineneedle Collective, and Trash to Couture
In short, this is simply a collection of images and screenshots taken from the internet (I do not claim any of them to be my own), primarily Forever 21's website and from the blogs Trash to Couture and The Pineneedle Collective, that have caught my attention and/or inspired me to sew or create something. In general it's just clothes that I like, would like to have, or would like to make.

I love interesting backs on shirts and dresses, cool cutouts, and refashioning. I've been wanting to make some kind of a pinafore or remake some overalls, but unfortunately I won't be having much time to do that for quite a while. I think for my summer as a whole though, I was actually able to put many of these ideas into action with all the sewing I did.

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